Dec 30, 2009

No Movie Review Here(I Promise)

He: Dude, you saw "teen chutiye"?
Me: Nope, didn't get time.
He: Man you gotta watch it.
Me: Yeah sure, will watch if I don't get a blow by blow account by everyone who fancies himself a critic.
He : But dude this one is totally path-breaking, an expose of the rotten to the core education system that churns out human robots to do the menial work of foreign corporations.
Me: Yeah and where do you work right now?
He: But I hate my software company.
Me: So why don't you quit and start a Moroccan restaurant or something?
He: The system dude, the system, anyways there's this cool dude Bhencho who stands up to the whole education system.
Me: And no doubt delivers impassioned speeches that totally rock the balls off the nutty professors.
He: Kinda, but that's not the point, I feel I totally identify with Bhencho.
Me: In that he's short and weird?
He: In that he's innovative and irreverent.
Me: Dude your boss is behind your back.
He: OMFG! I have to deliver a code by today evening.
Me: Stay loose, he went with his wife to watch "teen chutiye".
He: So I was saying I identify with Bhencho because I was like that when I was a student. Ah! those were the days. I could have been the next Einstein or something man, before the vortex of mediocrity swallowed me.
Me: Yeah but still you must have some creativity still left even after the your professors and the stupid assignments tried to beat it out of you.
He: Yeah I do, I have a blog named named "Lame Thoughts Of A Tame Mind". I write my memoirs on it for posterity.
Me: I am sure it must be swamped by enamoured fans world over.
He: Forget it man, so our education system, those stupid professors, they dont know shit from shinola.
Me: Exactly, dude could you solve this Fourier Transform for me?
He: Zooby Dooby Zooby Dooby Pa Pa Ra...


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Hehe..teen chutiye? LOlz...very funny :) Very cleverly you made fun of the movie without ruining the movie's plot :)

Very nice one :) enjoyed.


Raj said...

hilarious rexi :D
teen chutiye...aah lovely.

T-REX said...

@Mahesh..thank you so much. I really havent seen the movie and i suspect i'm gonna like it. But I am more irked by the raving fans. Why dont they understand i dont watch movies by recommendations, not by theirs at least. thanks dude. I am waiting for the werewolf attack.

bondgal_rulz said...

FINALLY!! Someone who hasn't seen the movie!!

Had it not been for the first line of the post, I wouldn't have read it for sure. :P

Very neatly done. :)

Happy New Year!


djd said...

lame thoughts of a tamed mind=Random thoughts of a demented mind :O
you gotta be kidding gr8 story btw

T-REX said...

@bondgal....thanks so much. You alsio havent seen the "teen chutiye"?

@djd...thanks and welcome dude..and no random thoughts is a a hilarious blog. The dig is on the patterned blog captions. "Adjective thots of an adjective mind" see what i mean?

bondgal_rulz said...

Nahiiii, I was outta town and all my so called friends ditched me and saw it. :( :(

Planning to see it tomorrow finally.

Lemme know if you are interested for a review. :P lol

Raj said...

moon's out.

olive oyl said...

teen chutiye :P not fair my friend, so many must have started to read this thinking it's about some famous porn movie :P

but nevertheless, porn or no porn, it's absolutely hilarious :P

Amrita said...

i liked the starting......its funny!!!

T-REX said...

olive oyl...thanks for reminding me to write a porn story.

Amrita..thank you so very much

VIDYA said... it :)
more parodies please!

just another girl... said...

smart and witty piece of work. just like u :)

Diva said...

Well... From your post and comments, I get that you dint watch the movie!! Great, you saved 3 hours of your precious life(or may b not?)
But then, after having watched the movie, what I asked myself was- Millions of Indians are gonna watch this one too.But is it really going to make them give up their lives to the fact that we can be someone better than wlready are???... Is there really any hope for humankind?? May be not..

I like the way your post captures the irony of it all...


T-REX said...

@vidya...more coming up soon. And more frequent comments please.

@sapna...thanks buddy. U made it to my good books :)

@Diva...welcome and thank you so very much for ur attention. And ur right, watching this movie will only give vindication to curmedgeons.

bung_dvrchn said...

@Lord. Loved the post.Good to see you aren't dead yet .Try flying by this part of the world sometime. Or better still try being online.

T-REX said...

@lord bung..thy will be granted. like soon.

Pesto Sauce said...

All said it is a great film

T-REX said...

@pesto..good i wd say ,not great.

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Can not tolerate the constant critiquing of movies, books, etc from people. They think they are just so uber cool when they get into the details with suggestions. Argh.


T-REX said...

@ luscious ...Exactly..irritating as hell. welcome again . :)

Darshan Chande said...

LOL! That's hilarious!

T-REX said...

@darshan.thanks man :D