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Jun 30, 2008

The Me

Like rollin stones,like flyin' kites,
I leap n bound,at dizzyin' heights.
A shipwrecked sailor,a rovin' gypsy,
Livin on the waves,drunk and tipsy.
Velvety heart,in an iron glove,
Skin of the vulture,over the dove.
A heartless beast,to the sole of the boot,
Heart crushed,pulverized converted to soot.
Searchin equilibrium in an unstable system,
Angry at myself,furious at someone.
Livin on the edge,though i love my bliss,
Cant live in the valley,coz i love my cliff!


random thoughts said...
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Anonymous said...
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T-REX said...

yeah right...wrote it when my HoD was ranting on in a power systems lecture