Dec 30, 2009

No Movie Review Here(I Promise)

He: Dude, you saw "teen chutiye"?
Me: Nope, didn't get time.
He: Man you gotta watch it.
Me: Yeah sure, will watch if I don't get a blow by blow account by everyone who fancies himself a critic.
He : But dude this one is totally path-breaking, an expose of the rotten to the core education system that churns out human robots to do the menial work of foreign corporations.
Me: Yeah and where do you work right now?
He: But I hate my software company.
Me: So why don't you quit and start a Moroccan restaurant or something?
He: The system dude, the system, anyways there's this cool dude Bhencho who stands up to the whole education system.
Me: And no doubt delivers impassioned speeches that totally rock the balls off the nutty professors.
He: Kinda, but that's not the point, I feel I totally identify with Bhencho.
Me: In that he's short and weird?
He: In that he's innovative and irreverent.
Me: Dude your boss is behind your back.
He: OMFG! I have to deliver a code by today evening.
Me: Stay loose, he went with his wife to watch "teen chutiye".
He: So I was saying I identify with Bhencho because I was like that when I was a student. Ah! those were the days. I could have been the next Einstein or something man, before the vortex of mediocrity swallowed me.
Me: Yeah but still you must have some creativity still left even after the your professors and the stupid assignments tried to beat it out of you.
He: Yeah I do, I have a blog named named "Lame Thoughts Of A Tame Mind". I write my memoirs on it for posterity.
Me: I am sure it must be swamped by enamoured fans world over.
He: Forget it man, so our education system, those stupid professors, they dont know shit from shinola.
Me: Exactly, dude could you solve this Fourier Transform for me?
He: Zooby Dooby Zooby Dooby Pa Pa Ra...